Chairman’s Desk

Dear Parent,
“If a country is to be corruption-free & become a nation of beautiful minds, three keys of social members can make a difference. They are Father, Mother, and Teacher.”
Rawat Senior Secondary School, Vivek Vihar is an initiative of Rawat Educational Group. From here a journey started towards the new destination of education. efforts were started to build a progressive nation which is possible only through widespread Education.
Education in the modern era is more than just theoretical. Today there is a need to instill Self-confidence and moral values in the student. For this, It Becomes the duty of the Educational Institutions to guide the students in the right direction. Our school is committed to the all-around development of the students by conducting various activities. The merit coming every year has attested to the academic excellence of the school and has established the school as a high-class school among the schools run by the board of secondary. Education all over Rajasthan. Similarly, in every branch of the institute, the inherent abilities of the students are developed through various activities and games, etc.
We hope that the students, studying in our institutes will be able to touch new heights of success in the future and make their dreams come true.
“Towards A New Goal!
Towards A New Height!!
Strive Towards A Successful Future!!”

Mr. B.S.Rawat (Chairman)

Director's Desk

Dear Parent,
“Not the Dream That You See In Your Sleep!
This Is Such A Thing!!
You Can't Even Sleep!!”
Education, which is cultured and which includes modernity, respect for culture, which reflects the qualities of character, which creates a character which can become an inspiration for the coming generations, that is the real education.
Rawat Senior Secondary School, Vivek vihar provides such a healthy environment in which students get the opportunity to hone all their talents and get acquainted with all dimensions of education. Hereby the use of various techniques, interesting mediums of education is given so that the student can apply it in day-to-day life.
Students are introduced to various disciplines by the school so that they can develop a career in their desired field. Different teachers guide them in different areas and inspire them to move forward in life. It is a suitable place for the students from where they can get the right education for life.
“Flight to a destination!
With confidence and dedication!!”

Mr. Hemendra Rawat (Board Of Director)

Director's Desk

Dear Parent,
“Happens when it starts with a passion!
Goals become easy!!
When you get the right guidance!
Touch the sky!!”
Hard work and determination are necessary to achieve success in life, so schools prepare students to face the challenges of life, have an important responsibility to prepare the ground for such an education, So that students can be successful in life.
All the institutes of Rawat Educational Group are determined to prepare the youth for building a developed nation through their efforts and conscientious staff. Today's education has become more than just bookish knowledge. Therefore, we also try to adopt new methods for the social and spiritual development of the students. Along with this, some creative and innovative efforts are always made by the coordination of some modern technologies, so that the various abilities of the students can be developed properly.
Welcome to all of you, in this temple of education, where we are determined to take the students to the peak of success.

Mr. Narendra Rawat (Board Of Director)

Principal's Desk

Dear Parent,
Efforts are necessary to move forward in life. Efforts are successful only when they get the right guidance. Therefore, educational institutions have to prepare such hard-working citizens who can give recognition to the nation at the international level.
This school is striving to give a new identity to the students in today's competitive era. For this, we have integrated modern and traditional values, so that students can achieve new achievements by taking inspiration from the glorious history of the school. The school provides such a suitable environment, which enables all the students to achieve their goals.
Various activities conducted in the school are useful for developing the inherent abilities of the students.
We hope that under the guidance of educators, students will be able to achieve the peak of success and build a bright future.

SUSHILA NEGI (Principal)

Principal's Desk

Respected parents!
To maintain their existence in the present competitive era, students need such a school to study, where they learn along with discipline, adjustment, culture, respect, study. Subject experts and social experts are invited from time to time for motivational activities in the local school. The institution makes every effort for a qualitative increase in the intellectual development of the students. Expected cooperation from parents, the school is determined for the all-round development of the students. In the school, full attention is paid to curriculum fulfillment, curriculum revision, and regular testing. Along with this, their talent is nurtured by giving participation to the students in various co-scholastic activities like sports, cultural programs, art competitions, debates, etc. In fact, Rawat Public Senior Secondary School has become a dedicated institution for the all-around development of the students.

Ritu Agarwal (Principal)